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We are pioneering the next generation cellular therapies to control the dynamic delivery of proteins in patients.

  • Develop and improve cell-based therapies
  • Precise control of cell functions after delivery to patients, increasing the efficacy and limiting the harmful drawbacks of previous generations of treatments
  • Control the dynamic delivery of proteins in patients

Tuning Cell Therapies

Honing Biosciences is a bio-therapeutics company that develops and improves cell-based therapies in particular of cancer and other chronic diseases. Cell-based approaches represent a promising avenue to develop novel therapies.

Honing Biosciences leverages technologies that allow precise control of cell functions after delivery to patients, increasing the efficacy and limiting the harmful drawbacks of previous generations of treatments. Our molecular CellTune™ technology allows to develop new classes of tunable cell therapeutics to control the dynamic delivery of proteins in patients. We can thus regulate protein expression at the cell surface or the secretion of enzymes, cytokines, antibodies, adapting the delivery of therapeutic proteins to clinical evolutions.

Honing Biosciences proprietary technological platform has breakthrough applications all types of cell-based therapy, including immunotherapy and reconstituting cell therapies for autoimmunity and chronic diseases.

Honing Biosciences is focused on improving medicine by re-engaging the body's immune system to treat cancer. Honing Biosciences is founded on the vision that the use of human T cells as therapeutics will drive one of the most important phases in medicine.
On a longer term, Honing Biosciences aims to develop cell-based therapy to include additional product candidates to address a broad range of cancers and human diseases.


Elaia - PSL Innovation Fund invests in Honing Biosciences. The funds will be used to accelerate the development of the company's proprietary cell therapy technology and to initiate new areas of development.

Elaia - PSL Innovation Fund

Elaia is a leading European private equity firm with a strong technological DNA. We invest in high-potential digital and deep tech start-ups from seed stage, and we accompany them until they become world leaders. For 17 years, our commitment has been to deliver financial performance while having strong values.

We are proud to have been the first professional investor in more than 70 startups, including many success stories such as Criteo (Nasdaq), Orchestra Networks (acquired by Tibco), Sigfox, Teads (acquired by Altice), Mirakl and Shift Technology.
To find out more: www.elaia.com • @Elaia_Partners

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Over the last few years, there have been two major breakthroughs in the treatment of cancer patients, which have impacted the survival rate of these patients in a very significant way. The two breakthroughs are now called CAR-T cells therapy and checkpoints inhibitors respectively.


CAR-T (Chimeric Antigen Receptor T) cells have now been proven to have an extraordinary capacity to kill cancer cells and have led to complete remissions in previously incurable patients. However this approach has also led to deaths and clinical holds of current clinical trials.
Honing's scientific team led by F. Perez and in collaboration with S. Amigorena is world-renowned leaders in the field of intracellular molecular trafficking and immunity. They have designed successfully (and patented) various forms of clever switches, which can be applied to CAR-T cells. The first R&D axis of Honing Biosciences will be to render CARs switchable.

Checkpoint inhibitors

Immune checkpoints are a normal part of the immune system. Their role is to prevent an immune response from being so strong that it destroys healthy cells in the body.
Immunotherapy drugs called immune checkpoint inhibitors work by blocking checkpoint proteins from binding with their partner proteins. This prevents the “off” signal from being sent, allowing the T cells to kill cancer cells.
Honing Biosciences is developing means to regulate the activity of immune checkpoints using their proprietary tubing systems. This can be transferred to various cell-based immunotherapy approaches.


In addition to directly tuning CAR-T cell activity, Honing’s technology can be used to tune cell activities (proliferation, activation, motility...). CellTuned factors can be used to control or potentiate various cell-based therapeutic approach including, but not limited to, CAR-T.


Biologics are more and more used to developed cutting edge therapeutic approaches and are increasingly used to produced personalized products. Gene delivery also depends on efficient production means. Honing is partnering to set-up next generation, fully controlled, bioproduction means.

Our Technology

Honing's technology is dedicated to modulate and secure cellular therapies

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